Here we’ve gathered the reviews for the new album ”Sing For The Chaos”!

Bleeding4metal (DE)
”everything sounds totally catchy and never gets boring”

Nordevents (DE)
”If no one had told me that this album is from 2019, then I would probably have put it in the late ’70s – early’ 80s”

Rockfarbror (SE)
-”Deepdive in the ”mean riff”-bag.” 4/5

”This is seriously my number one album of the year so far!”

Hardrock Haven (UK)
”The boys of Devil’s Gun have taken an active role in writing songs that grab your attention and refuse to let go – and thank God for that.”

Metal Temple
” The songwriting on these tracks is so strong, with anthemic choruses everywhere you look.  I dare you not to sing along to “Tear Down The Wall,” or the brilliant single “Lights Out”. 
Songwriting: 9/10
Originality: 7/10
Memorability: 9/10
Production: 9/10

Über Rock
”The fact that the music takes elements from early NWOBHM and classic metal through to speed and thrash metal is great.”

Musika (NL)
”The riffs are powerful, sturdy and before you know it you are already head banging.”

Roppongi Rocks (Japan)
-”Metalheads – it is time to stretch your necks because when this album is released, it’ll be headbanging time! Now I just need to find my old air guitar and dust it off. Love it!”