Författare: Satan

Here we’ve gathered the reviews for the new album ”Sing For The Chaos”! Bleeding4metal (DE)–”everything sounds totally catchy and never gets boring”7,5/10https://www.bleeding4metal.de/index.php?show=review_de&id=10470&fbclid=IwAR0zEjSCbheTOvfJipPILHNvVWs43_o_mgGLhwfaxN3yR0nwpZNzp2dUWJY Nordevents (DE)–”If no one had told me that this album is from 2019, then I would probably have put it in the late ’70s – early’ 80s”7/10https://nordevents.net/rezensionen/devil.html?fbclid=IwAR2qpb-pfz42aFMOZPJ8u5L1zvf3rNblxEWH4bdsa9_cfs37fzoPB8qUWMo Rockfarbror (SE)-”Deepdive in the ”mean riff”-bag.” […]

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